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{+}Community Info
{+}Sequence Records
About The Band

A community was needed for this great band. Currently they have been very active, releasing many songs and dvds. The leader of the group is the guitar player, Tomozo. He runs the label Sequence Records, which not only signed this band but also bands like Tokyo Michael, +ISOLATION, Devine+MaideN, Nana Shi and Mizenet.
The current line up for the band are:
*Past Members*


The layout features SULFURIC ACID from a very old shoot. Two of the members *Koji & Yu~u* in the back have already left the band. All the brushes and coding was done by {Mija}

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gemmik comm [Wednesday
10.10.07 @ 1:39am]

Finally got the gemmik comm up and running!! If you are a SR fan please join the comm to learn more about gemmik!! They are so great ;~;!!

p.s. Tomozo is in a new session band with Meguru and Kiri from Panic Channel. They are called Key~
{Mind Speaks}

HIZAKI / KAMIJO'S new band [Thursday
3.29.07 @ 6:49pm]

the band is called Versailles.

Bass:Jasmine You

...to keep up to date with this band...please join versaillesfans~!!

this comm will be revamped to become a Seq. Records community ^^b
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Black:List [Sunday
3.18.07 @ 3:32am]

since HIZAKI is now in a new band with Kamijo, he is no longer on Seq. Records site. gemmik also seems to have a new image on the main label site. Check them out!
yay Tomozo is back in a new band!!

Exciting no? XD

{edit} I think they deserve their own comm blackxlist // the comm should be ready by the end of next week?
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b-day [Thursday
3.15.07 @ 5:06pm]

guys, today is 15 of March, so TOMOZO's B-Day!
Omedetou gozaimasu Tomozo-san!
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New band @ Seq. Records [Thursday
2.22.07 @ 12:42am]

So Tomozo updated about a new band being added to the label. ClearVeil which ex Teddy Ryuto is in. Also, it seems Tomozo finally took down Sulfuric Acid's image and site off of the label site ;~;

ANYWAY...yay for new band~!

p.s. Silent Hill on sale 3/7/07 its ¥2,100
{Mind Speaks}

TOMOZO in Europe [Wednesday
1.31.07 @ 6:07pm]

hello, guys!

being SA fan for ages, i just found this comm, shame on me^^

To the subject,just couple of days ago i returned from Finland, Helsinki, where i got my chance to see Tomozo live, and, omg, hug him *fangirl*. The gig itself was fantstic, btw.

ok, i brough tonns of Tomo-san stuff, including Child's Home - Tomozo x Cutie, which is perfect^^. i wonder would you like me to scan anything?
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HIZAKI [Wednesday
12.6.06 @ 1:06pm]
Okay, so I was told I must pimp this out here 8D
Well, I guess this would be the best places to do so.

hizaki_requiem ~~ HIZAKI Fan Community (for both HIZAKI and his solo project)

It's finally up and running now that I realized I had this comm. hidden in my list of communities, but never did anything with it xD
{Mind Speaks}

Tomoza in Europe! [Wednesday
11.22.06 @ 11:43am]
Yay! I can see Tomozo in January! He with Kenzi, Katsura and other will be play together xDDD

Anti feminis and Hakagure Coupling Europe Tour:

January 19 (Fri): Belgium, Brussels, Magasin 4
January 21 (Sun): Netherlands, Utrecht, Tivoli de Helling (JRock NL Con)
January 24 (Wed): Poland, Warsaw, No Mercy
January 26 (Fri): Sweden, Stockholm, Allhuset
January 28 (Sun): Finland, Helsinki, Gloria

Current Anti feminism line-up:

Vocals: KENZI (drummer Dead Pop Stars, ex. drummer of Kamaitachi)
Guitar: TOMOZO (ex. Sulfuric Acid)
Guitar: Nachi (√eight)
Bass: KYOUJI (vocalist Candy)
Drums: Katsura (Cannival Method, ex. Vinett, Baiser, Shazna)

Someone going to Finland at concert? I'm living in Russia and i'm must see them xDDD

Info taken from JaME (http://www.jmusiceuropa.com/uk/article.php?id=1345)
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New CURE [Tuesday
10.24.06 @ 8:30pm]

Can anyone translate this?

※Cure Vol.39(12月号)お詫びと訂正のお知らせ※

P172 ミミよりサキどり
Sequence Records(シークエンスレコード)掲載コーナーにて記載に誤りがありました。

●Sequence Records(シークエンスレコード)
静岡県静岡市駿河区稲川 1-10-27-101
TEL/FAX 054-295-6550
E-mail : information@sequence-records.net

From: http://www.cure-net.com/

something about sorry and error I think...

ALSO new band under the label... gemmik~!!
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New Hizaki Album (with Juka ex. Moi Dix Mois) [Wednesday
10.11.06 @ 8:30pm]


Vo-Juka (ex. Moi dix Mois)
Gu-TERU (藍華柳)
Ba-勇 (ex.雀羅)
Dr-美景 (ex.バビロン)

check ^^:
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Mozo / CUTIE [Sunday
9.17.06 @ 4:22pm]

Awww lmao notice someone? http://kannaxx.exblog.jp/3325829/

I would kill for that poster/ad XD;
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new image on Mozo's page [Sunday
9.17.06 @ 12:14pm]

Sisen/DJ Violet is shown here with Hizaki and Tomozo. I'm wondering if Sisen will post a different or even bigger pic on his myspace. (http://www.myspace.com/sisen) since he has a few with other vkers.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
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NEWS [Monday
9.4.06 @ 11:32am]

Exciting news~! exist†trace has been added to the artist line up at Sequence Records~!! Join existtrace for more band info...etc.
They are also featured in SUMMIT 03...The label domain has been redone and has Hizaki listed as a solo artist it seems. Just waiting to see what the other SULFURIC ACID members do now...
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Pictures [Friday
8.18.06 @ 11:53am]

[ mood | bored ]

Hi, I just recently got into this awesome band, maybe a little bit to late because of their dibanding, but anyway: Does anyone knows a site, where I can get many pictures?

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Unique CD ^^ [Wednesday
8.16.06 @ 3:13pm]

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

i have some pictures from "unique", the new Coupling CD of Grace Project and +Isolation.

Pics~Collapse )

i love it <3
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;~; [Friday
7.28.06 @ 6:53pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

Its with a heavy heart that I'm sorry to have to post this. SULFURIC ACID is disbanding...
last live in October.

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help [Sunday
6.11.06 @ 8:41pm]

Can anyone translate Tomozo's entry about Ikkou here:

Thanks to anyone who can help~
{Mind Speaks}

HIZAKI [Tuesday
5.30.06 @ 6:02pm]


'K, well~ I decided to make a Hizaki fansite, because... I have little else better to do with my time [even though I should update my OTHER site].
Soon~ I will be posting scans from Sulfuric Acid releases, but... I hate scanning.

Anywho, other than the Sulfuric Acid OHP, and fanlisting, does anyone know of any other sites?
And~ are there any suggestions about the site?

Hopefully this post is allowed, if not... Just delete it ^^;
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HizakiX+Isolation [Tuesday
5.30.06 @ 3:45am]

Yeah I'm slow with news ~_~'


HIZAKI solo X +ISOLATION coupling due in July~!

edit...I think they moved the release in August...not sure ^^;;

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5.24.06 @ 11:20am]


Seems they will be releasing a photobook in July~!!
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