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Tomoza in Europe!

Yay! I can see Tomozo in January! He with Kenzi, Katsura and other will be play together xDDD

Anti feminis and Hakagure Coupling Europe Tour:

January 19 (Fri): Belgium, Brussels, Magasin 4
January 21 (Sun): Netherlands, Utrecht, Tivoli de Helling (JRock NL Con)
January 24 (Wed): Poland, Warsaw, No Mercy
January 26 (Fri): Sweden, Stockholm, Allhuset
January 28 (Sun): Finland, Helsinki, Gloria

Current Anti feminism line-up:

Vocals: KENZI (drummer Dead Pop Stars, ex. drummer of Kamaitachi)
Guitar: TOMOZO (ex. Sulfuric Acid)
Guitar: Nachi (√eight)
Bass: KYOUJI (vocalist Candy)
Drums: Katsura (Cannival Method, ex. Vinett, Baiser, Shazna)

Someone going to Finland at concert? I'm living in Russia and i'm must see them xDDD

Info taken from JaME (http://www.jmusiceuropa.com/uk/article.php?id=1345)
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